Week -5 I think I threw a rod in my Brain Lol



WOW, this week has made my brain feel like I threw a rod!! Literally, after reading Emerson Law of Compensation, I had to take a nap and rest my brain cells because they were so tired from thinking and processing the language and information. This is really a Graduate Class on reprogramming our minds! Renewing of the mind!! Replacing bad habits with NEW habits. Its working cause I had smoke coming out of my ears after reading Emerson and all of our reading assignments. Incredible growth I am discovering.

The Master Key lesson for this week read by Davene was amazing and so well connected to Emerson, and am thankful she chose to assign both in same week because they are so aligned with each other, think that what was really what caused my overheating in the brain!! lol.

Also, I  had an AHHA moment that I finally get the colors and shapes!! While Mark was explaining on the webinar how he now sees Red circles and BAM its his Health, I have Liberty for Red Circle as my PPN! I get it now!! I had been just putting down the colors and shapes and really was not getting it and realized I was doing it all wrong, so I rewrote my cards with the right shapes and colors with the right PPN, Service, etc and now BAM! I am looking for the shapes and colors and connecting them to my PPN of Liberty and Recognition of Creative Expression. So the colors coming together I am now recognizing them on autopilot and it is bringing into my mind what I am seeking and speaking into existence. This is so powerful and anyone can chose to change their mindset and old blueprint.

I am enjoying sharing a few tips of these past few weeks with my husband and children and having them speak Do it Now, I can Be what I will to be!! this is a Movement!! Thrilled to be a part of it and cant believe its only week 5!!!!! Thank you for following me on this journey!



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Enthusiastic about LIFE, learning, fitness, cycling and my GOD. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing how I can bless their lives with friendship, help, encouragement, training. I am a life long student, always seeking new knowledge, new skills, new strategies. I am as young as I feel and believe and want to live each day to the fullest by giving.
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6 Responses to Week -5 I think I threw a rod in my Brain Lol

  1. I really like what you said about a graduate level class, it really resonates with me> fell like I am getting a PHD in brain work.
    Keep Up the good work
    Be Well Be Blessed


  2. Great post Wendy! I tend to want to take a nap and I love the justification you gave me to do so, ie to “rest my brain cells”. That is what I will tell my wife when she catches me napping! 🙂
    Seriously, this is a great post with terrific insight! Keep up the good work. If we have made this much progress in such short time, imagine what it will be like at the end!
    By the way, do you actually know what it mean to “throw a rod”? If so, I am very proud of you! My wife does not even suspect that a motor has rods! 🙂


    • Thanks for the encouragement Tommy! Yes I am amazed at the progress, and Yes my Dad taught me all about cars, so I do know what a Rod is, lol. Im the boy he never had, actually thankful as I can change oil, change a tire, and diagnose engine troubles fairly easily. To the Journey #MKMMA


  3. What a awesome blog and post. We are reprogramming our minds.


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