Week #6 – Giving really works!!

I have had an incredible week of moments that can only be explained by the Law of Compensation by Emerson we are reading. Give to get! Well upon adding the Giving cards to our daily reads, I have also been following a lady by the name of Shannel Cooper Sykes in her Miracle week. What is so incredible is she has been speaking and empowering her students to give away $1.00 a day to anyone, and then added give away something that means a great deal to you to put us in Divine FLOW of Miracles! Well this is exactly what Emerson is teaching us as well as well as Hannel in the Master Keys Chapter 5 and 6. BAM it all came together for me and was confirmed outside of #MKMMA!! That we must give away at all times, our love, hope, encouragement, tangible objects, in order to tap into DIVINE FLOW where the receiving happens on autopilot!

That is exactly what happened the day I gifted my favorite Lance Armstrong bike helmet to my sons teacher who I knew did not have a helmet and rides her bike to school every day. That afternoon I get a letter from IRS in the mail saying our account I had been working on to get resolved was cleared and we owe ZERO!!! WOW, BAM, I gave and I got!! This incredible knowledge of the power of our mind is really off the hook and I am just loving the fact that I can position myself to receive all day, every day at will!! By expecting miracles, saying outloud with unbriddled enthusiasm I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE, and DO IT NOW, Miracles are happening NOW, we bring the Universe in alignment with our desires, and doors start opening, introductions to people happen, letters in mail appear, money flows to us easily, growth in our business explodes! So I encourage all my #MKMMA ers that if you are not experiencing the miracles of divine flow, GIVE MORE, and you will, SPEAK LOUDER, MORE ENTHUSIASTICALLY and EXPECT and BELIEVE it will happen, that which you desire – DMP, PPN! realized! Kentucky Horse park and surrounding horse farms in Lexington KY

About wendyabner2014

Enthusiastic about LIFE, learning, fitness, cycling and my GOD. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing how I can bless their lives with friendship, help, encouragement, training. I am a life long student, always seeking new knowledge, new skills, new strategies. I am as young as I feel and believe and want to live each day to the fullest by giving.
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5 Responses to Week #6 – Giving really works!!

  1. Secret of giving away. Exciting thought thank you for sharing.


  2. Wendy's Master Key says:

    So exciting!!! What a wonderful blog Wendy you are in the flow!!


  3. pffrgm1 says:

    great blog and story. Think this stuff really works!? I sure do.


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