Week #7 – Under Construction


This week in MK chapter 7, Hannel shares that “Thought Force is the most valuable force. nothing is beyond human comprehension. Work is required. Remember that Thought is the Fire that created the steam that turns the wheel of fortune, upon which your experiences depend. ”

It was really profound what he shares in 7-9-11: The Architect sees the building as he wished it to be. His thoughts become a plastic mold, and his vision takes shape on paper to create” . This helped me by thinking of the construction of the Freedom Towers in NYC to replace the World trade Center Buildings. Much thought and planning  went into the end design, and many edits,  before a single blueprint was drawn or hole dug in the ground.

This is the same with our DMP, our purpose, desire, and needs. We first have to develop in the mind, and get control of our thoughts. The exercises thus far have been fun, challenging, time consuming, overwhelming, all these emotions but Necessary to get control of our thinking to bring into clear, detailed view of our DMPs. The editing of our DMPs now makes total sense as Davene points out in the audio.

Hannel shares in 7-18: “Make the mental image clear, distinct, perfect, hold it firmly, supply will follow the demand, you will be led to do the right thing at the right time ad in the right way.” We have the power to manifest the thru Earnest Desire: Feeling, Confident Expectation: Thought, and Firm Demand – Will. These three CANNOT FAIL to bring about Attainment!! ” Thats powerful and so incredibly liberating that it is in my control to bring about my DMP!! Buck stops here!!

So the Movie poster, the compasses, the service cards, the music audio of our DMP, repeated is attacking our old blueprint bringing forth the new habit, the SIT, the readings, our DMP pushed into our Subby  through as may methods of learning as possible so we can make it happen!! All the tools the #MKMMA staff are using are coming together and I am really seeing my DMP in my mind all the time now and the colors are finally coming together, on recycle day blue rectangles are everywhere every Thursday!! Which is TODAY!! and my blue shape is Business Growth and Income!!!!! Also walked a property yesterday that I have on my movie poster, I am circling it in prayer and believing it or a property like it will be ours paid in full by Jan 31 2016!!! Its all just math isnt it????

We now hold the Master Keys!!

Live Loud! Cheers,

Wendy Abner


About wendyabner2014

Enthusiastic about LIFE, learning, fitness, cycling and my GOD. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing how I can bless their lives with friendship, help, encouragement, training. I am a life long student, always seeking new knowledge, new skills, new strategies. I am as young as I feel and believe and want to live each day to the fullest by giving.
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8 Responses to Week #7 – Under Construction

  1. Glad it is all coming together for you!


  2. masterkeywadeblog says:

    I like this and your picture ‘under construction’


  3. I enjoyed your post. Great insight.


  4. masterkeyannemb says:

    Great post, and so glad wverything is coming together for you so neatly.


  5. Beautifully summarized,reinforced a lot of stuff for me and yes this week which is week 8 I suppose so perhaps Im a week behind but the colours and shapes are popping up everywhere and when I see them my key goals bounce around my head. Great stuff


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